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2012-09-22 – Alizée on Las 10 Màs Cool

English translation by RMJ. Spanish transcript by pepon66. Thanks also to FerAunger.

How are you friends? Welcome to a show cooler than the top 10 cool. As promised today’s show is dedicated to the French singer Alizée. That is not going to change and we are starting, this is “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Music video – Alizée, La isla Bonita —

Precisely found in the show “Graines de star”, a kind of superstar, winning the edition that took place in Corsica and was the second one in the show held in Paris. This would be the beginning of a brilliant career but her big break came when she met Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat, both famous in Europe and especially in France, who were looking for the perfect person to interpret the song “Moi… Lolita”, to which she was chosen after various auditions and trials.

Her first album is called “Golosinas” (“Delicacies”) in Spanish and it was published at the end of 2000. Laurent Boutonnat composed the music and Mylène Farmer wrote the lyrics adapting for Alizée according to her desires, likes and aspirations. Her songs talk about the adolescence, the love and the life. The success was so great that within only three months she managed to sell 300,000 copies and thus achieved a platinum disc. Her second single “L’alizé” surpassed the former and reached no more and no less than 700,000 copies and thus reaching the top spot on the sales charts.

In the year 2001 the name of Alizée was known throughout Europe and also in parts of America and Asia. It achieved sales in countries like Canada and Russia, as well as in Japan. It’s worth to mention that the song “Moi… Lolita” have had expectional success for being a French song.

— Music video – Alizée, Moi… Lolita —

Proof of this is that in 2006 it was chosen to be part of the soundtrack of a film starring by the Oscar-winning Russell Crowe. The album “Gourmandises” has certified gold in Netherlands and Germany in addition to it being on top of the charts for several weeks. In 2003 she returned with a new album called “My electric currents” (“Mes courants electriques”) also work of Laurent Boutonnat and Mylène Farmer. Alizée is so successful and well known that she signed many contracts with commercials and became the face for various brands (see note #1), including in the country of the rising sun. In 2004 Alizée performed in a concert in Paris, published months later on DVD and on CD under the title “En concert” (see note #2). It was a bestseller in France and the rest of the world (see note #3), and where you can watch and listen to the singer to demonstrate her talent. Thus, in December 2007 she officially presents her third album in the same way having great collaborators, notably including her husband as a producer and composer.
In 2010 she came out with her fourth studio album called “A century child” (“Un enfant du siècle”). Showing a completely different face, this time under a distinct production. Unfortunately the album had fewer sales, but was on several charts and became the bestseller in our country.
Currently Alizée is preparing an album searching her roots, and meanwhile she returns to her roots we have her here in “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Music video – Alizée, J’en ai marre —

Friends of “ScoolTV Tu Canal”, we welcome you to the show cooler than the top 10 cool. For those who do not know us from the chanel 153 on “Cablevision” which is “ScoolTV Tu Canal”, today we are also on channel 4 on “ForoTV” at the México City every Saturdays at 8pm with this greatest music show, “The Top 10 Cool”, and every Sundays at 6pm with special show from ScoolTV. As already mentioned in the beginning, the topic of the show today was requested by via Facebook by the fans of French singer Alizée. This singer has been very successful at the European level but Mexico she has caused a sensation by her image of her sensual French lolita. I’d also like to remind our social networkers to continue to write us, on Facebook we are known “scooltvtucanal” and on Twitter we are known as “@scooltvtucanal”. If you want to write an email, the address is opina@s-cool.tv. We all, the hosts and the people in production, answer you personally, so don’t stop sending the questions. If you want to add me I am “ximenascool” on Facebook and on Twitter “@ximena_scooltv”. Greetings to all my friends and to all my fans because I’m really fond of that you are always present. We continue to 10th position and we start with The Top 10 Cool!

— Music video – 10th coolest —

Friends, after seeing the 10th position here in “The Top 10 Cool”, let’s talk about the French singer Alizée. It was said in earlier part that she was very successful in Europe. She was was born in the region of Corsica in France in 1984 and has been always interested in arts especially in music. At the age of 16 she participated in a concert in reality show where the kids get to sing like here in Mexico (see note #4) and that’s when people realized Alizée really had an angelic voice. Her parents were very supportive and sent her demo, her demo album (see note #5), to couple very important music producers and pop singers in France, called Mylène and Layrent without ralizing that Alizée may be the next French sensation and of course in Europe. We will continue talk about musical history but we now continue with 9th position here in “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Music video – 9th coolest —

Friends, after seeing the 9th position here in “The Top 10 Cool” we are still talking about the career of a singer called Alizée. In year 2000, exactly in the month of November (correction: July 4th), she brings out her first single called “I… lolita” which in French would be “Moi… Lolita”. This song was super important in the career of Alizée because it became known internationally, in fact this is the first single out of her first album called “Delicacies” and it indeed was very successful because it sold 4 million copies in two years and was number one in Peru, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Mexico and Russia. Impressive for Alizée, but we continue to the 8th position, this is “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Music video – 8th coolest —

Friends, after seeing the 8th position here in “The Top 10 Cool” we will continue to talk about the French singer Alizée. I know many of you have seen on social networks the video of the song “Moi… Lolita” (Correction: “J’en ai marre !”) in which she dances in a short and skin-fit outfit with a little red fish that looks like Nemo. Well, unfortunately this video can’t be included in this show for the low quality but what I can mention is that the little fish was widely known as a sex symbol (see note #6) and in fact in Europe they were selling these little fishies of very fully material and the girls stuck them to the butts and were walking on the streets of Berlin, Amsterdam and always moving their butts like little fishies (see note #7). The truth is that it was very innovative from Alizée and that made her jump into the fame. I’d like to present you the video of Alizée called “I’m fed up” for all the fans of both, “The Top 10 Cool” and the singer, to enjoy this. We will see, this is “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Music video – Alizée, J’en ai marre ! —

Friends, after enjoying the video “I’m fed up”, a very iconic song in the career of Alizée, we hope you liked it a lot. I want to talk about some curiosities of this singer. Alizée biggest dream is to sing with Madonna, not just her song “La isla bonita” but to present in some concert in Europe. Furthermore, her favorite food is cakes (see note #8), which can’t be noticed as she does exercise for her figure, she’s very beautiful. Also I want mention her lucky charm is always present in both, in concerts and dedication events. It is her fairy (Tinkerbell) tattoo on her back. And she was a phenomenon on internet, nothing like Justin Bieber, nothing like Lady Gaga, no, she started this trending topic on the internet and in fact had over 8.5 million views on her video “Moi… Lolita” (Correction: “J’en ai marre”) with the little fish. So, we can say that Alizée is well known internationally. We continue with the 7th position, this is “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Music video – 7th coolest —

Friends, after seeing the 7th position, here in “The Top 10 Cool” we are talking about the French singer Alizée. She has visited our country 5 times and actually mentioned during an interview that she has always known that the Mexican people are very cool like our show, very calm and very friendly, so she wasn’t afraid of the public acceptance because she knew that many Mexicans adored her songs. So, we will continue to talk about the career of Alizée but we are going to go on commercial break but not before reminding the importance of the studying. Today it bothers me much because I heard that something that I don’t like, that young people don’t like to study, they just want easy money and that’s wrong. So, I invite you to visit our website www.tecuniversitario.com.mx to see the educational offerings of our sponsor, Tec university. It runs a year and half long “baccalaureate” with with official recognition by the SEP. You can study during weekdays, on Saturdays online in open Saturday program, and our new educational program “executive baccalaureate” which runs from Monday to Friday from 7am to 9am or 7pm to 9pm. So, don’t forget to call our number 52079702 and 52079822, we will go to a short commercial break. This is “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Video clip – 6th coolest —

Friends, after seeing the 5th position, here in “The Top 10 Cool” we are talking about the career and curiosities of the singer Alizée. I would like to tell that she has already done duets in France, obviously musical duets. She would like to do a duet with Justin Timberlake, a guy who had lots of success in the United States and in the world level, and with Madonna because she is a fan of Madonna since she was 4 years old. She sang the song “La isla bonita” and dared to make a remake of this song. I’d like to mention that Alizée had little trouble because the Mexican people called directly to her home or her studio at late night. Remember that Mexico and France has time difference of almost 8 hours in the world clock. She did not understand why people said so many times “Alizée I love you”, that’s when she realized that the social networks were a blessing because she can communicate with her fans and she can publish the photos she wants. We will continue to talk about the singer but now we go to the 5th position. This is “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Video clip – 5th coolest —

Friends, we are back to “The Top 10 Cool”! For everyone who have just joined us we are talking about French singer, a boom in Europe, she’s Alizée. But first we want to recall the importance of the studies. We know that even if you have completed your schools or have your baccalaureate, the companies are now demanding that their professionals are prepped 100%, so please be sure to visit our official sponsor, Tec university. They handles three degrees, administration, law and marketing, and advertisement. All with duration of 3 years and 4 months, and are officially recognized by la SEP. The internet page is www.tecuniversitario.com.mx. You can study these degrees either during the week or on Saturdays, therefore there is no excuse not to study. But I have a very imortant message, Tec university will get new degree that is television production. So if you want to become a camera man, director, light operator. If you like this ambient of television, do not forget to visit our website www.tecuniversitario.com.mx or call to our number 72079702 or 5209822 because it’s important to study and especially sinec Tec university is the best educational solution that you and everyone can choose. We’ll keep talking about Alizée but now we will go to the 4th position, this is “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Video clip – 4th coolest —

Friends, after watching the 4th position, here at “The Top 10 Cool” we are still talking about the French singer Alizée. Like it is already said she is originally from Corsica, the island of Corsica in France, which means she is used to fairly warm weather. It’s very difficult to travel around the world and get used to different climates. Remember that singers should take good care of their voice, so when she came to Mexico City, she didn’t do very many interviews and didn’t stay long she wanted so much to take care of her concerts and her fans. What I’d like to mention is that before she became famous Alizée loved walking around the island of Corsica and in fact it was a bit bizarre to live there with her relatives and with her parents, therefore I’m delight that she now lives in the city of Paris in France (see note #9) which brings her closer to visit her friends and especially to develop professionally. We are talking about Alizée but now we go to the 3rd position, this is “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Video clip – 3rd coolest —

Friends, after watching the 3rd place, here in “The Top 10 Cool” we continue talking about the French singer Alizée. I’d like to mention that she admires a lot Britney Spears, an American singer, and Lily Allen, a British singer. Why is that? she admires a lot Britney Spears dedication on her world tours and especially with the songs, which are very innovative, her costumes are amazing. What she doesn’t like so much is Britney Spear’s private life that surpassed Britney Spear’s artistical side and made people to remember more of the gossips what she has done in real life. I’d like to mention that she stronly admires Lily Allen, remember that this British singer suffered a drug addiction but was able to get up and move on her career. Alizée knows that her career is very good but she’s very closed about her personal life, she doesn’t talk much about her childhood, or her partner, or her family, and that’s good for Alizée. We’ll keep talking about her but we will now see one of the best songs from this singer, it is called “Mademoiselle” (Correction: “Mademoiselle Juliette”). This is “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Video clip – Alizée, Mademoiselle Juliette —

Friends, excellent video this “Mademoiselle” (Correction: “Mademoiselle Juliette”) from Alizée. What I’d like to discuss is that she was rewarded a gold disc for her sales in our country, well, in Mexico. In fact, I’d like to say that she had some problems with the fans because during one of her first visits she expected turnout of 500 persons for her dedication event but 4000 people came, in fact so much that on the press conference the dedication event was cancelled by the quorum. For the second and third visit to our city and, of course, to Guadalajara and Monterrey, Alizée and all the production was ready and she was able to sign the autographs for the 4000 people and especially to answer all the questions for the national press. We are still talking about Alizée but now we go to see 2nd position, this is “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Video clip – 2nd coolest —

Friends, after seeing the second position here in “The Top 10 Cool”. Unfortunately this show is coming to the end. The last thing I want to comment on this singer Alizée is that she is already a mom. Many fans knows about this but what changes here is that she doesn’t want to continue anymore with the image of sexy French girl and actually on her next album coming out in 2012 (Correction: 2013), she wants to make a radical change, she wants to look a little bit more mature because of the fact that she’s trasforming her music to please all the public, all the children, the adolescents and the adults. We hope you have enjoyed a lot this show dedicated to the French singer Alizée. Thanks a lot to all our friends on Facebook and on Twitter that continue to write to us. Fans of Alizée, this is your show. If you want to recommend someone else to us, you can do it on Facebook, we are scooltvtucanal, and on Twitter we are @scooltvtucanal. If you’d like to add me on Facebook, I’m ximenascool and on Twitter I’m @ximena_scooltv. We will respond personally to your comments and remember we are on channel 153 on Cablevision 24 hours, 365 days a year. And on channel 4 on ForoTV in Mexico City on Saturdays at 8pm with this best music show and on Sundays at 6pm with a special “ScoolTV Tu Canal” show. Watch out not to change, continue on our channel on the programs of “ScoolTV Tu Canal”. This was “The Top 10 Cool”!

— Video clip – 1st coolest —


#1 – She did not sign many contracst for advertisements. She did only one commercial for Japanese cookies called Elize. (go back)
#2 – Alizée’s first concert tour was mainly held in 2003, starting from late August 2003 and continued with additional 40 concerts by the end of the year. 17th of January 2004 she had an extra “encore” concert. The DVD was filmed in various locations including l’Olympia and Le Zénith in Paris but also in other cities. (go back)
#3 – It was not a bestseller. It barely reached the charts and her popularity was already on high dive. World wide the DVD was practically unknown. (go back)
#4 – It’s really not like the shows in Mexico. Firstly, it’s not a reality show but a talent show, nothing like “La Academia” (or “Star Academy”). (go back)
#5 – The so called “demo album” was just a VHS tape with her “Graines de star” performance that Alizée herself sent to Mylène (without knowing who it ended up to). (go back)
#6 – This is very disputable. Even though it can be read as a sexual symbol. Surely it wasn’t “widely known” thing. (go back)
#7 – This story smells fishy. There was never such a trend in Europe… (go back)
#8 – I don’t think so. Sure she loves sweets and delicases but cakes to be her favorite food? I think this is just assumption based on her 3rd album cover. (go back)
#9 – She loves corsica and her family, relatives and friends there. She went there all the time when living in Paris. And currently she is back to Corsica, she doesn’t live in Paris anymore. (go back)