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Danse avec les stars – Week 7 (9th of November, 2013)

Prime show

Dance 1 – Charleston

On week 7, Alizée‘s & Grégoire Lyonnet‘s first dance was charleston. She scored very respectable 69 points. Alizée was the first one to dance this week and it may have caused small hit on her scores. It’s widely said that the dance should have scored higher and that it’s one of the best dances Alizée has done.

The choreography of the dance was well planned and even though couple small mistakes could be seen, judges did like it very much, as well as the live audience who applauded loudly. The dance was technically challenging enough and it included plenty of humor which really fitted on the dance. The choice of the music was Bang Bang from Will.I.Am.

Total: 69 points
Artistic: 9,9,8,9
Technical: 9,9,8,8

Dance 2 – Rumba trio

On the second dance, it was once again time for some rumba. We still remember Alizée’s & Grégoire’s absolutely amazing rumba performance from the second week of Danse avec les stars. For the seventh prime, it was time to top even that! The song was chosen to be Une femme avec une femme (“A woman with a woman”) from a Spanish band Mecano.

Addition to Alizée & Grégoire, Candice Pascal took part into dance. With this trio they managed to pull very sensual, beautiful, touching and dramatic love triangle: Candice & Grégoire fighting over Alizée’s love. The scores did not come as a surprise… Three 10s for artistic presentation made sure that Alizée scored the highest artistic scores during the fourth season of Danse avec les stars. Total of 39 points out of 40 for artistic presentation is just amazing. Her total scores finally were 73 points, which also is her highest total score so far.

Total: 73 points
Artistic: 10,10,10,9
Technical: 9,9,9,7

Prime show – Backstage

After Alizée’s charleston performance, she did not give an interview for the regular backstage camera. She stopped to talk with Bilitis and apparently gave small interview for another camera. We can see small bit of that from Bilitis’ videos and we could see her back from the normal backstage camera. After that she rushed to change her outfit for the rumba trio. Grégoire on the other hand did give a small interview after this.

After rumba, the trio (Alizée, Grégoire & Candice) did give an interview for the background show, which you can watch here. Also we have a quick interview before the prime show started.

Bonus videos from internet

On the seventh week, we had total of four bonus videos! On the first video Alizée finds out about her next challenge, while still being sad about Tal’s elimination. The second video, showing some questionable training methods of Grégoire… On the third video Alizée is shocked about her second challenge for the week, a dance trio! On the last video we see Alizée perfecting her dance for the prime show.

TV Spots

coming soon…

Scores & dances information

Couple Artistic Technical Total Dance Music
Alizée &
35 (9,9,8,9) 34 (9,9,8,8) 142 (69+73) Charleston Bang Bang – will.i.am
39 (10,10,10,9) 34 (9,9,9,7) Rumba trio (with Candice Pascal) Une femme avec une femme – Mecano
Laurent &
26 (8,6,7,5) 20 (6,5,5,4) 100 (46+54) Waltz A corps perdu – Grégory Lemarchal
30 (8,8,7,7) 24 (7,6,7,4) Jive trio (with Silvia Notargiacomo) Proud Mary – Ike & Tina Turner
Brahim &
37 (10,9,9,9) 35 (9,8,9,9) 148 (72+76) Foxtrot New York, New York – Frank Sinatra
38 (10,9,10,9) 38 (10,9,10,9) Rumba trio (with Coralie Licata) When I Was Your Man – Bruno Mars
Keen’V &
26 (7,7,7,5) 29 (7,7,7,8) 108 (55+53) Quickstep Je veux – Zaz
29 (8,7,7,7) 24 (7,6,6,5) Salsa trio (with Christian Millette) Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO
Lætitia &
30 (7,8,8,7) 26 (7,7,6,6) 114 (56+58) American smooth Born to Die – Lana Del Rey
30 (9,8,8,5) 28 (8,8,7,5) Jive trio (with Christian Millette) L’Aventurier – Indochine
Dance duel
Laurent & Denitsa Eliminated (38%) Samba Burn – Ellie Goulding
Keen’V & Fauve Safe (62%)