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[poll] What is your favorite performance on Danse avec les stars?

Poll #0001

Last week we introduced a new weekly poll on our site. There results are now here but interestingly enough, the reality is quite different what we thought! Alizée did surprise us once again!

For the first week, we asked who do you think would be Alizée’s idol for the theme of week 4. The choices were: Mylène Farmer, Madonna, France Gall, Vanessa Paradis and “someone else”. 58% of you thought the idol would be Madonna, 18% were on the side of Mylène Farmer and France Gall got third place with 15% of your votes.

However… Somehow, Natalie Portman managed to took the place in Alizée’s heart and she was actually the idol! Alizée performed amazing choreography based on Natalie’s famous movie Black Swan. Artistically it was almost perfect! And so thought the judges, too, when she was given almost full scores (10,9,9,9) for the performance. Alizée scored the first “10” during the fourth season of Danse avec les stars, making once again history. If you missed the show, you can always watch it at our dedicated Danse avec les stars page.

The second weekly poll is following, Which is your favorite performance (so far) in Danse avec les stars?

En español: ¿Cuál es el representación de su favorito en Danse avec les stars?

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  1. santos says:

    All are wonderful,
    all are beautiful