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Alizée on France 2

Today Alizée was at filming for “Les années bonheur” (The happiness Years). Hosted by Patrick Sébastien, the monthly programme looks back through the years, at the stars of both yesterday, and today. Rumour is Alizée is to sing two songs, one of today (a song from the new album), and one of yesterday (possibly moi lolita, or another song from previous albums). No date has been confirmed for broadcasting, however, when on, the program is usually Saturday night prime time TV.

Also released today is information Alizée is set to appear on the show “On n’est pas couché” (It is not lying) on the 28th of March. Other guests set to appear on this date are Richard and Romane Bohringer, Ludivine Sagnier, Nicolas Bedos and Edwy Plenel. Shooting will take place from 19:00, till 00:15 the next day (the day of the FNAC signing).

Information for the recording is at


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