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Alizée on Danse avec les stars tonight

On week 5 of Danse avec les stars, Alizée‘s challenge was to learn Paso Doble and Samba. Her main dance will be Paso Doble but she will also take part in Samba Relay which which will give the candidates extra points. All the contestants will dance Samba at the same time, and the judges will eliminate them one by one. The first eliminated will get 5 points, the last to survive will get 35 points. 35 points is huge amount considering that regular dance has max 80 points (40 artistic scores and 40 technical scores), so it’s very important that she does good job on this one also.

During the week we have seen several bonus videos of Alizée practicing today’s dances. While waiting the prime show to star, why not check out these videos?

And as always, the show can be watched live at Alizée Art.

And all the previous videos and informations is available on our dedicated page of Danse avec les stars.

On week 5 bonus video the contestants are filled in what is coming… In the next prime show on Saturday Alizée will dance with all the others simultaneously, and they will be eliminated one by one.

For week 5, Alizée has to learn how to dance Samba. That involves learning the proper booty shaking techniques.

Third bonus video for week 5 shows Alizée practicing Paso Doble for the Saturday night’s show.

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