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The writer of À cause de l’automne is Thomas Boulard

Against earlier information that was cirling on the internet, it seems that the French writer of “À cause de l’automne” is not Jean-Jacques Goldman. He was widely believed to be the author but no hard proof of it existed anywhere, so far. Even at the release of the single no further info was released. All […]

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German & UK release of A cause de l’automne

The German Amazon.de will release the new single (A cause de l’automne) on Friday, 20th July. Also UK Amazon.co.uk will release the single, the date given is Sunday, 22nd of July ! Before this the single has been already release in France, México and Italy. Direct link to the single German release: Amazon.de Direct link […]

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A cause de l’automne was released on iTunes !

A cause de l’automne is now officially released on iTunes and is available for download. All the other download platforms will have by 6th of July. http://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/a-cause-de-lautomne-single/id541593882 edit: The French Amazon.fr also released the single : A cause de l’automne

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EXCLUSIVE! News from Pete Russell

I have been in contact with Pete Russell and he gave a little bit more information regarding the new single of Alizée. The initiation was done by Sony, they contacted DWB Music for songs for Alizée’s new album. They were particularly looking for songs with 60’s style, catchy, and with modern production feel. DWB Music […]

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JJG & single release tomorrow ?

STILL unconfirmed but it said that (by Pete Russell) that the song was re-written in French by Jean-Jaques Goldman and Alizée. The single should air on the radio first time on 4th of July (next Wednesday), on the 12th anniversary of Moi… Lolita !

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New single written by an English songwriter ?

The new single, “A cause de l’automne” was originally written by Pete Russell ? True or not ?! We will find out soon ! DWB Music has announced in May 2012 that they were indeed in contact with Sony Music for Alizée‘s new single. The original song was supposely written in English and the name […]

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