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DJ set yesterday night

As mentioned earlier, Alizée had a DJ set on Saturday night in the middle of nowhere, namely in Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët (in Lower Normandy). Apparently not a many fans there as we have not seen any photos at all… Well, it wasn’t big surprise as it’s really small and remote town. Makes one wonder why even bother […]

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Alizée in Paris for DJ set

Alizée is currently in Paris for the DJ set in KesWest Complexe, the biggest night club in Paris area. She flew to Paris today and is accompanied by Pierre-Antoine. Before the DJ set they went, of course, shopping spree in Parisian stores. The DJ set at KeWest start at 22h00 French time, which is in […]

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Birthday photos

Like everyone knows, Alizée had her 28th birthday yesterday (21st August). Looks like she had very good one with many of her friends and family celebrating. And of course she received pile of presents! Here I have collected some of the photos from the day. Click to see the full version. The Birthday Girl:(thanks Fernando […]

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Alizée and Pierre-Antoine in love?

After few months of rumours about Alizée and Pierre-Antoine, they now seem to have now “officially” announced to be together! Alizée separated from Jérémy, her ex-husband and the father of Annily, during last fall and the winter. At the end of January 2012 Alizée stopped wearing the wedding and engagement rings that Jérémy gave her. […]

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Miss Corsica (updated)

Tonday Pierre-Antoine left, at the least, very puzzling posts on Instagram… Puzzling because there is rumours about their actual relationship. Edit: well, the puzzle got solved by the new photos sent late last night and this morning. 🙂 “Miss Extreme South” appears to be a real miss contestant who Pierre (and Alizée?) met. It is […]

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Photo from Pierre’s instagram

Pierre-Antoine posted a photo on instagram saying “Ce soir c est l Alta rocca” (in English : “tonight it’s the Alta Rocca”, “l’Alta Rocca” is Corsican name meaning “the high mountain”). I believe it could refer to the micro region called “l’Alta rocca” in Southern Corsica (not very far from Ajaccio). It’s possible that they […]

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