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Alizée Xmas Calendar 2014 is online!

Our traditional Alizée Xmas calendar is now online. Of course, it’s still November, so no door can be opened yet! But at midnight, the first door unlocks itself… Hopefully everyone will be able to enjoy the gifts this year also. Unfortunately, because I have shared hundreds of photos and videos, I can’t be absolutely sure […]

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New wallpaper, “Rendez-vous” !

It’s a bit silent in Alizée world currently as Alizée is taking a bit of a summer vacation also. This is good moment to share some new art… So, here’s a new wallpaper! Made of photo from the meeting in Poitiers during her new album’s promotion tour around the France (hence the name). You can […]

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500 fans on Facebook

Today we have reached 500 fans on our Facebook page. It’s a nice round amount, especially considering that only couple months ago there were barely 200 fans! Even if this site has been around since 2004, or even first pages since 2003, the Facebook page is still quite new, so we are happy to see […]

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Photo from Pierre’s instagram

Pierre-Antoine posted a photo on instagram saying “Ce soir c est l Alta rocca” (in English : “tonight it’s the Alta Rocca”, “l’Alta Rocca” is Corsican name meaning “the high mountain”). I believe it could refer to the micro region called “l’Alta rocca” in Southern Corsica (not very far from Ajaccio). It’s possible that they […]

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