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Dedication event in FNAC in Paris

Today was finally the day with the dedication event in FNAC in Paris. The even got much more people than expected, and it really ran out of their time frame. The store close before Alizée was done with her job… Roughly saying, there were maybe 400 fans, which is amazing show up at the moment. […]

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Mona FM competition

Just a reminder. Starting today, and lasting till the 2nd of April. Mona FM listeners will have the chance to win access to the Mona FM studios on April 3rd. Why does this matter? Well at 16:00 on April 3rd, Alizée will be attending a dedication event at Mona FM, and this is the perfect […]

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Autograph session at FNAC (Saint-Lazare) on 29th of March

Finally we have a date… Alizée will have a autograph session for her new “5” album release at FNAC (Saint-Lazare) in Paris on 29th of March! The session scheduled to start at 17h (5pm) French time. The confirmation of the event came within the past hour or two. Now it is listed on the upcoming […]

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