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Carré Rouge video from Bilitis

Bilitis Poirier uploaded a moment ago a short video from Alizée’s DJ set at Carré Rouge, where Bilitis was with her at the end of October. She filmed the event and now edited version (3 minutes and 34 seconds) of it is available on her website. You can watch the video directly on her website […]

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First photos from Carré Rouge

Currently Alizée is doing a DJ set at Carré Rouge night club in Avignon, southern France. Bilitis is over there with her. So far no photos online but we do have couple instagram photos from Alizée herself, taken before the event while she had a dinner over there. Also a photo of a poster taken […]

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Alizée live tommorrow!

If you happen to be somewhere in southern France, don’t forget to stop by to Avignon! Tomorrow night, Alizée will be a guest DJ in Carré Rouge night club, as told earlier. She is still in Ajaccio but will fly to Marseille tomorrow and continue her trip to Avignon. The gig will be similar to […]

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Alizée having DJ set at Carre Rouge in Avignon

Alizée will be doing another DJ set in Carré Rouge night club in Avignon in southern France on 26th of October 2012. Exactly one month earlier she had a DJ set in the biggest night club in Paris. The events seems to be related as they are both organized by S. Night Prod Booking.

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