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Blonde album

The summer is coming and so is the new album. The release date for Blonde has been set to 23rd of June, just a bit over three weeks from now. It’s still unknown if there will be any official release event in Paris but it is very likely, considering the popularity of the events arranged […]

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Traducción al español del nuevo single

Para comprar el single de iTunes México: Alizée – Blonde Traducción por RMJ. Gracias a Jose & Grissi para un poco de ayuda. El mundo es de las rubias descoloridas Puse el tono, incluso si te molesta Todos tienen un corazón e incluso materia gris Rubio veneciano o platino Se debe hacer bien con sus […]

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Lyrics and English translation for Alizée’s new single Blonde

The new single, “Blonde”, was released as expected soon after the date turned to 18th of March. The single is currently released only on iTunes but Amazon.fr is expected to join the download platforms for it. The song is composed by Laurent Konrad. To buy the single from French iTunes: Alizée – Blonde To buy […]

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Alizée’s new single: Blonde

As you have surely already heard, Alizée is releasing a new single this week. The release came a bit as a surprise for everyone. Everything started on 12th of March when Sony México put on Instagram the cover art of the new single, “Blonde”, with a note saying that the single would come out on […]

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