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Private meeting in Poitiers for contest winners


Today took place a meeting for winners who had a chance to meet Alizée in private. The winners were selected in few different contests. Mostly the selection was done by random draw, so anyone could really had a chance to win. Final ten winners were all quite big fans of Alizée, even though most of them had never had the chance to see her in concert or any other event. The event was organized by local newspaper, “La Nouvelle Republique”, where the event was originally announced.

The event was originally planned for 16h00 but because they wanted to give a chance for the non-winners to participate through a live chat, the event was finally set to start at 15h30 at last moment. Thankfully no-one really missed anything because of this last minute change.

Alizée arrived the hotel a bit earlier (around 15h15) and went to preparing for the event. Finally around 15h30 they started with short “intro” for the live chat, which we could not see but only hear. Once that was over around 15h45 we were asked to come to upstairs and gather around the chair where Alizée would be sitting. So finally it was Alizée and 11 plus half (an about 2 year old child) fans sitting around a round table.

The event started with a short introduction of the fans, so everyone could tell a bit about themselves to her. Once that was over started the questions. Each fan could ask questions what came to their mind, some even had well prepared questions for her. The conversation revolved all around her career basically, but of course concentrating on the new album. A lot of great ideas came up and maybe someday some of them even sees the daylight. This conversation phase took roughly 45 minutes in total, during which also questions from the web users were asked from Alizée.

After the questions, Alizée autographed whatever fans had bring with them, albums, photos, collector boxes… Of course, Alizée herself got plenty of gifts. After all the autographs had been done, started the “photo session”, during which each fan could go beside Alizée for a photo to be taken for a memory. The event last late, roughly till 17h10 when Alizée finally had to go to the other autograph session in Espace Culturel at E. Clelerc.

Here is short official summary video of the event.

And of course plenty of photos taken by RMJ:

20130404--_RMJ8773 20130404--_RMJ8797
20130404--_RMJ8766 20130404--_RMJ8790 20130404--_RMJ8758
20130404--_RMJ8786 20130404--_RMJ8785
20130404--_RMJ8783 20130404--_RMJ8782
20130404--_RMJ8787 20130404--_RMJ8778
20130404--_RMJ8776 20130404--_RMJ8775
20130404--_RMJ8774 20130404--_RMJ8770
20130404--_RMJ8760 20130404--_RMJ8755

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