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[poll] Alizée in finals… but can she win?

Alizée succeeded to enter the finals of Danse avec les stars! It’s been long road through eight weeks of (almost) everyday practicing but it was worth it, she is now one of the three finalists. She has done exceptional job throughout the show, winning several prime show and scored highest in several dances.

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But there has been bad days also… She was injured couple times, which almost prevented her to continue. And in semi-finals on week 8, she was on the limit of elimination when she was forced to dance Face à Face. Thankfully everything went fine and now is only one challenge left…

On week 9, on 23rd of November, in the finals of Danse avec les stars, will she able to win? What place do you think she will take this time? First, Second or Third?

En français: Peut-elle gagner la compétition? Quelle place pensez-vous qu’elle aura cette fois? (First=première, Second=deuxième, Third=troisième)

En español: ¿Puede ganar el concurso? ¿ Que piensa usted, qué lugar que va a ser esta vez? (First=primero, Second=segundo, Third=tercero)

Last week we asked what was your favorite dance on Week 7 of Danse avec les stars. After very tight voting, Rumba Trio was able to win with 61.5% of votes, against 38.5% of votes that Charleston got.

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