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New calendars

After a “short” pause, there is a new calendar available !

From now on there will be again monthly calendars and you can expect to see yearly calendar to be released near by the end of the year, possibly one for even for the year 2012. These have been requested a lot so lets fill the demand again.

First new calendar is for August, since July is already almost over… And it’s available at nice 2400×1500 resolution, plenty enough even for printing.

Check out the Calendars page to find out the brand new calendar.

Categorised as: Alizée Art, Calendars


  1. Joseph Rainwater says:

    Whatever she wants/needs she should have

  2. Joseph Rainwater says:

    questions from a longtime admirer: who’s been behind the camera these several years? How did this start? Talented beautiful kid helped with parents Surely there’s a story here. The indomitable person clearly shines through but it would be so intriguing to know how she got from “there” to “here” and what she hopes to reach for next.