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Chronology for 2012 is updated

The chronology for 2012 has been updated. Most work was done between mid September and mid December. Now it should have most of the important events during 2012. Also the tools to update the choronology were added so the further updates are easier to be done and will be kept up to date always.

The year 2011 will be added once all the information is gathered. After that the chronology is complete.

The future events can be found on our new Agenda page.

Link to the chronology:

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  1. Alecalizee says:

    could i ask you for some help?first, i want to know your email address,i didn’t find it

  2. Alecalizee says:

    what’s more,I’m a BIG fan for alizee,I want to join you,maybe we can make chinese a third language for this website,
    plus:the ultimate goal of my own is to write somehow a novel for lili, i know it’s a very difficult task,but i like to try out,maybe you can guide me,since you know lili so well