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An insightful week in review

Its now a sunday evening, and once again the weekend comes to an end and we move back into the weekdaysOver the past week, alot has been happening in the world of Alizée. We have had the continued DALS tour, a tv appearance, and new album confirmation which sadly meant the loss of Les Enfoires […]

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Winter vacation is over! Back to the business!

Not only us, but also Alizée, has ended her winter vacation, which she mostly spent back home in Ajaccio in Corsica. Couple days ago she posted on Instagram a photo of her last moment of freedom before returning to her job (singing & dancing). The next few weeks will be quite hectic actually. Today she […]

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NRJ Music Awards tonight LIVE at Alizée Art

If you live outside France, you are able to watch tonight’s NRJ Music Awards live at Alizée Art. Alizée will sing three songs during the show. With Tal, she will sing a duet, Le tourbillon, which was recently included on Tal’s newest album. She will also sing another duet, with world famous will.i.am. Third song […]

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Alizée & Grégoire steal the first show of “Danse avec les Stars”

Saturday night is the traditional time slot for reality TV, with some of the highest overall viewing figures of the week. The shows are high budget and often with spectacular lights, sound , pyrotechnics and scenery put on a great spectacle. However for 5 minutes of the “Danse avec les Stars” show last night. All […]

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Reportage from Grenoble’s autograph session

On Wednesday, Alizée held another autographs dedication session, this time in city called Grenoble, in south-east of France, at the foot of the Alps. Like in the case of Metz, we now have a short reportage how it went in Grenoble. Thanks to Michael from Switzerland, who again, went to see Alizée and wrote this […]

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Alizée in Grenoble for autograph session and promotion

Today Alizée has spent her day in Grenoble, located at the foot of the Alps, where she was doing promotion for her new album 5. She arrived Grenoble little before 13h. A autograph dedication event was held from 14h30 till 15h15 at “Maison de la petite annonce du Dauphiné Libéré”. Straight from the autograph session […]

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