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Alizée Art introduces discussion Forums !

Alizée Art is introducing you to new discussion forums!

Obviously there is not much content right now, but that’s where YOU can make the difference! Please REGISTER and make it happen!

Recently, the only international Alizée forum retired permanently, so we have no choice but to start a new one. It was the plan anyways, iit just came a bit too early… we were supposed to introduce the forum along with our new site.

Alizée Art has been around since the early days of Alizée’s career and will be long after career is long gone (hopefully not anytime soon!). We are here for the fans, to offer the best possible places to get together and connect with others.

The forums are right now at the very basic state, with basic functions, but they are enough to start the conversations. Along the new site comes many improvements and new features!

Currently we support English, French and Spanish discussion. If there is need, new languages can be added. (Polish moderators would be needed to create Polish forum)

I hope you will all enjoy the new forum and we can create it to be an amazing place to meet fellow fans!

RMJ & Alizée Art staff

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