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“5” now on sale

Well today is the day that “5” has officially gone on sale. Over the coming days and weeks, we shall be reporting on the sales and promotional events relating to the album.

Reports suggest the album will go into the top 10 in both France and Mexico, once the figures have been released. The album is, as of writing, currently 4th in the itunes charts for French Variety, and on virgin is 8th in the overal list.

(Image from A-Life)

As said, over the next few days, Alizée will still be promoting her album. Here is a round up of what to expect to see in the media post release.

Paulette magazine25/03

The first of the post release articles. Featuring an interview with Alizée herself. Speaking of both her influences in the album, and in her life. The interview is nothing less than insightful.


Charts in France interview25/03

A very in depth interview, discussing (among other topics) the song selections, and their influences. Plus also other planned songs, which did not make the album.


You interviewing Alizée25/03

Alizée answers questions that fans have sent to her, and also sends her own personal message.

“I thank all my loyal fans and thank you for supporting me for 13 years. The fifth album, it is thanks to you. I hope to make others together and see you soon on stage. Alizée.”


RMC radio interview25/03

Pod cast available below, Alizée is first heard around 17 minutes. (To be updated)


Madame Rêve26/03

A personal interview with Alizée, about fashion and daily life.


Autograph session at Fnac Saint-Lazare29/03

Fan autograph session at 17:00. Information at the link below.


Mona FM dedication event03/04

Tickets are still available for this event. However, it looks like you will need to win them. Mona Fm are running a competition from the 28th March, till the 2nd of April, details below.


Autograph session at Poitiers04/04

Still pending exact details. Only confirmed information so far is it will be at 16:00, for readers. And 17:00 till closing at the Cultural Centre Leclerc. Below is the site that any new information will be posted to.


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  1. Katherine says:

    Hungary? This surprised me.
    Because I live in Hungary, and people don’t really know her nowadays. Unfortunately 🙁
    So could you tell me why do you think this or where the information comes from?

  2. Garfie489 says:

    Searching the web, and also through several forums. There are several reports of it being #2-#4 in Saudi Arabia, around #8-#12 in france, #12-#16 in Mexico. And i also found three posts about it being #18 in Hungary. One was on AAm, one on facebook, and another on a random goggled site. As soon as i get official statistics, then specific numbers will be posted. However it seemed from the sources i looked at, that 5 may have gotten into the top 20 in Hungary (could be just the same person spreading word of course.)

  3. Katherine says:

    Thank you very much!

  4. RMJ says:

    It’s propably just one of my girl friends in Hungary buying the albums. Made her fan of Alizée. 🙂

  5. Garfie489 says:

    Well i have not received any other reports about Hungary, so i removed it from the list. Saudi Arabia is still there in most reports i am seeing though, which surprises me. End of the week though, official statistics will be out, thats when i will make a full list of every country i can find.