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Unseen footage of the last concert back in 2004

A fan uploaded on youtube an over 8 minute long video showing small (and some longer ones) clips from the last concert during Alizée’s French tour. The last concert took place 17th of January 2004 in the famous Le Zénith de Paris concert hall. The tour had 42 concerts total (after cancelling 2 of them, and adding one additional “encore”-concert: exactly this one, Le Zénith). It took her 3 months to finish these concerts, having concerts almost every second day (and sometimes many days in row, like the opening in Paris with 7 concerts at l’Olympia).

This was the last concert of the good old Lolita. After the concert we saw her only couple times on TV (singing duets) before her over 3 years break. The TV performances were already something else than the Alizée we used to know. So Le Zénith concert remains as the very last memory of the Lolita image.

Hopefully this brings some good memories for the older fans.

Note: The video is without sound, there’s nothing wrong with your computer…

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