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2012-06-27 – Alizée on Live Chat

Translation by RMJ.

Alizée : Tic tac, tic tac…

Alizée : Hello to all !

Alizée : I am very happy to be here with you to share a moment with you to answer some of the questions because there were so many of them who sent me questions on Facebook, on Twitter and little bit everywhere. I try to answer questions about the new album that is coming soon. I hope there is many behind the computers. I’m not alone, we are three here, and we are good to start.

host : Is the album finished or is it still on the way?

Alizée : The album is finished at the level of songs but there is still some studio sessions, I have recorded half of the songs and I’m pretty happy with the results.

host : Will this new album contain electo-songs like UEDS?

Alizée : This album will not be electronic. The UEDS album was a little bit of an experiment that I wanted to do. I’m very happy about that album. Now, my new album is more pop, more variety, more accessible, more fresh… not that electro isn’t cool… but it is music for everyone, you could say.

host : Exactly with whom do you collaborated for this album?

Alizée : Well… Exclusively, I will reveal some names of the people who I worked with on this new album. The first person who I contacted for this album was Jean Jacques Goldman. He participated on this album. I’m very happy that he was there and agreed to work with me, he is someone who I always admired. The second, a group who agreed to participate in the adventure is BB Brunes. We met, I think you remember where, we sang a song at Musik’Elles where we sang a song from France Gall. So, they accepted to participate in the adventure. Then we had Thomas Boulard, the singer of Luke, who did great things on this album. And… And that’s all for now, soon we will know the rest.

host : How would you describe this album?

Alizée : I could describe this album: influental, a little bit France Gall who is an artist who I admire, who I like a lot, who did many nice things and above all things temporary, that inspires me. There is little bit of everything, there is ballads, songs that makes you weep, songs for dancing. The universe is very pop, therefore I think it will seduce many people, and many generations as well.

host : Where did you record it and with whom?

Alizée : I recorded this new album with my producer, called Alexander Azaria. But I think that’s already known because we have seen his name on the messages on the internet. I get very well along with Alexander because we understand each other very well. We don’t like the same things, in any case for this album we liked the same things, we have the same desire, and goal for this album. Each song is consistent with each other. We recorded them in his personal studio.

host : There are surfers who wonder, what are the topics addressed, and there is a personal song inspired by your life?

Alizée : The topics addressed… Umm… There is lots of nostalgia, the songs are a little bit less “happy”, I could say, of anything I have sung so far. But always keeping the melancholy and nostalgia. The are some songs that are not inspired by my personal life but you can think about my life and many people will be able to familiar with several songs.

host : How was the exchange between the directors and you? You were the one who gave the topics?

Alizée : That depends on the people who I worked on the album. There are certain authors to whom I gave topics, stories which I wanted to address. The other artists proposed me songs that I loved and I wanted them to be on my album! So, it was truly an exchange with everyone involved on this album. The others suggested songs to me, and which I like and loved to have these songs

host : Obviously many people want to see you back on the stage, those are wondering, if you will return?

Alizée Well, yes! I really want to go on the stage, I want to defend this album, to meet them, to rediscover my audience on the stage. I hope that this album seduce them for being able to come to meet them, I also hope to dance on this new album for a long time, I have love dancing. I think you have followed me taking new weekly dance classes, to return to dance and climb on the stage to dance and sing at the same time.

host : What is your most beautiful memory?

Alizée : I have many nice memories from the tweave-year… yes? twelve-year career behind, I think the best memory will always be the first time I heard Moi… Lolita on the radio. It is a very special moment, I think everyone knows the story but I will repeat it. I was with friends in a café near my school, I was still in high school, the song passed on the radio and my friends were not aware that I had recorded Moi… Lolita. It’s one of the best memories.

host :

Are you surprised to have so many followers on twitter?

Alizée : I am very surprised to have so many followers on twitter, mainly because it increases every day. Followers from various countries. Have to speak French because it’s a bit complicated to tweet in all languages, including English which I don’t master so well, but I think all of my fans from México, from Spain, from Italy, from Russia, from Argentina, from England, from El Salvador, from the USA, from everywhere, not forgetting anyone. I read every on Facebook and on Twitter when I’m connected. I cannot answer to everyone, re-tweet time to time, when there are things that I receive, or fun stuff, the not so fun stuff I re-tweet also, I try to share maximum of things. If there are days when I’m not on Twitter it doesn’t mean I don’t think about you, the contrary!

host : Will you have an collector’s editions of this album like of UEDS?

Alizée : I’m thinking about collector’s editions for this new album when I’m finished with my record label to make a beautiful object and to offer something exclusive content for you.

host : Will it be like the box?

Alizée : I think it will be a beautiful object, a beautiful box, with many many things inside, another collector’s edition of the album and will be as good as the UEDS, perhaps even more beautiful.

host : Do you have other exclusive suprises reserved for your frans during this waiting of the album?

Alizée : I’m lucky to have so many followers, to exchange with you. Especially to reward the loyalty of my fans and followers I will have many surprises : The first surprise is an appointment tomorrow at 17h on my official website… Attention ladies and gentlemen, to listen to my new single and I will give the name of it, “Á cause de l’automne”.

host : You have answered like 50 questions…

Alizée : It’s because I was too impatient to announce the surprise!

host : Will you sign autographs or meet with your fansat the releases of the album?

Alizée : I think it’s becoming a ritual to make an autograph signing event at the release of the album, with a pleasure I will be do that during the release and I will give you an dedication event.

host : That’s the all questions we had…

Alizée : I had many questions and I tried to select a few questions for today, and anyways, we will have more appointments with you. So… I thank you and profit from this chance to thank you for all the messages I receive and I say it again that I cannot answer to them all, but I read them, don’t worry. Do not forget the appointment tomorrow starting from 17h and I will be connected on Twitter to see your reactions.

See you soon!