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Third song from the album

Yesterday on Taratata show during interview of BB Brunes, Adrian Gallo from the band, mentioned name of another title from Alizée‘s new album called “5”. The name would be “Boxing club” and it’s written by Adrian.

This is the third title from the album we have heard. The first obviously is “A cause de l’automne”, the second possible title we could see on a teaser video from Sony, during which Alizée sits in studio holding notes for a song called “Je veux bien”. So, the “Boxing club” would be third title from the album.

You can watch the full interview with BB Brunes and Oxmo Puccino on Taratata’s website (Alizée is mentioned around 6 minutes from the beginning of the interview of Oxmo Puccino when also Adrian Gallo is present. It is after Oxmo sings “Les cactus”):

Or you can stream the small bit here:

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  1. Not “Je veux bien”?

  2. pepon66 says:

    Thanks RMJ for uploading the video & for the info!!