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The official cover art and another album delay


Today the day started promising. We had a note from Alizée showing us the final version of the cover of the new album 5. The cover have had a tiny change on it since the first time we saw low quality version of it on Star Academy. The placement of the album name (5) has been changed. Now it’s located right beside her name.

Unfortunately the joy didn’t last long as she also informed of a new delay in the release of the album. The new release date is now 25th of March, 2013. This means another one month delay. No reason for the delay was given. The date has been confirmed from various sources so it wasn’t simple mistake.

Today she also continued with her promotion of the album. She was again on the recordings of “Hebdo Musique Mag”, this time singing “A caude de l’automne” on it. The show will be aired on France 2 on 30th of March. Here are couple photos from the recordings.

Alizée on Hebdo Musique Mag Alizée on Hebdo Musique Mag

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