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The official cover art and another album delay

Today the day started promising. We had a note from Alizée showing us the final version of the cover of the new album 5. The cover have had a tiny change on it since the first time we saw low quality version of it on Star Academy. The placement of the album name (5) has […]

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More information about the album and the single

Yesterday Alizée’s staff sent an email about the recent rumours going around the upcoming album. It’s been discussed that the album might be released in either in January (which seems unlikely) or in March 2013. Also the newest rumours say that the album might not be released at all in physical format (only Collector’s Edition […]

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The fifth album delayed until March 2013?

Paris Match is telling that the fifth album would be delayed until March 2013. This rumour could have some ground as the earlier given date makes little sense as it would be the exact date as the beginning of Les Enfoirés. Les Enfoirés is the biggest concert in France every year and it steals all […]

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Album delayed until early 2013

Unfortunately, it seems that the album is now officially delayed till 2013. Alizée sent an another message on facebook telling this. Hello à tous ! Comme je l’annonçais il y a quelques jours, on est toujours en studio, et on travaille d’arrache-pied ! L’album sortira tout début 2013, avec beaucoup de surprises dedans. Hey, on […]

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Alizée confirms the delay of the album

Alizée sent few minutes ago a message on Facebook telling that her new album will be late as told by us few days ago. We received information last week that the album would be delayed until November but another source says it might delay as long as the January 2013. Currently we can only hope […]

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