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Danse avec le stars – LIVE broadcast at Alizée Art

It’s only one day before Alizée returns with the next show of “Danse avec les stars” (“Dancing with the stars”). If you are outside France, you can watch the show live here at Alizée Art. Bookmark the link today! We have set up dedicated page for it: “Danse avec les stars” – LIVE broadcast. The […]

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English translation of JustMusic interview and a new TV spot

We have a new English translation for an interview and a new TV spot that was released yesterday for promoting Danse avec les stars. You can also find a plenty of screen captures from the new TV spot from our Facebook page. Here’s the interview from justmusic.fr. Translation by RMJ JustMusic.fr: Last year, you were […]

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Six days till Danse avec les stars…

It’s only six days to go before we will have the chance to watch the premier of Danse avec les stars (“Dancing with the stars”), and most importantly only six days when we see Alizée on the stage dancing! It sure will be exciting and something completely new, a new adventure, once could say. To […]

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Alizée on Danse avec les stars ! (VIDEO & photos)

Like rumoured (and half confirmed), Alizée was today on the first opening act of Danse avec les stars! The next, the first real, episode will be on 28th of September. Today was only introduction of the dancers. Alizée will be dancing with Grégoire. Here is profile for Alizée on TF1’s website: Alizée – Danse avec […]

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