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Return to Danse avec les stars

Last Sunday we heard happy news that Alizée would return to Danse avec les stars, after three years when she won DALS season 4 on 23rd of November 2013. Before you get too excited, no, she won’t be one of the regulars. The season 7 is already well beyond its half way, only five couples […]

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Danse avec les stars in Zénith de Paris

After a long wait the Danse avec les stars Tour finally arrived Paris. The place for the show was chosen to be Le Zénith de Paris. One might remember Le Zénith from another tour, Alizée‘s first concert tour! The final concert back (17th January 2004) then took in place in the very same venue. In […]

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English translation of JustMusic interview and a new TV spot

We have a new English translation for an interview and a new TV spot that was released yesterday for promoting Danse avec les stars. You can also find a plenty of screen captures from the new TV spot from our Facebook page. Here’s the interview from justmusic.fr. Translation by RMJ JustMusic.fr: Last year, you were […]

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Six days till Danse avec les stars…

It’s only six days to go before we will have the chance to watch the premier of Danse avec les stars (“Dancing with the stars”), and most importantly only six days when we see Alizée on the stage dancing! It sure will be exciting and something completely new, a new adventure, once could say. To […]

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