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A silent news day…

Well, it’s been a bit silent lately with the news concerning the new album. All we know is that on Alizée’s birthday, Sony sent birthday wishes to Alizée and announced that the music video would come out soon. When exactly is “soon” is still unknown. The video was already expected mid August but it did […]

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Alizée in Paris

Alizée went this morning to Paris again. The timing sounds about right what we have heard before. The music video of “A cause de l’automne” is said to be released around mid-August. So, this would be perfect time for the final meet up with Sony Music before the release. We surely will know more within […]

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Possible shooting location for the clip

After little research it seems that the video clip for the “A cause de l’automne” was shot near by beach called Sévani, located roughly 10km from the center of Ajaccio, Corsica. Very near by Iles des sanguinaires. click to enlarge If none of the shooting actually took place on the beach itself, it’s almost certain […]

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