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English translation of “La guerre en dentelle” & new single available !

Today was released Alizée’s new single “Je veux bien”. It is now available on all the legal download platforms. We encourage everyone to buy the single so Alizée will get more visibility on the charts! The price is only 1,19 euros. Link to Amazon.fr: http://amzn.to/12yb74V Here’s the English translation of the eight song on Alizée‘s […]

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English translation of “Jeune fille”

The next song in the series of English translations by RMJ is “Jeune fille”, on which Alizée sings about a careless young girl who doesn’t want to worry too much about the future and don’t want to think about getting older. She wants to live in the moment, worry only about the things that matters […]

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English translation of “Le dernier souffle”

“Le dernier souffle” (“The last breath”) is the fifth track from Alizée‘s new album 5. Like the title suggest, it literally tells a story of the last moment of person’s life, how there is still someone to love one, even if things didn’t go perfectly in life. We must be able to forgive things we […]

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English translation for “Happy End”

The new album is coming quickly, only four days left… Let’s continue our series of translation with English translation of “Happy End”, which is the 10th track from the new album “5”. Translation was done by RMJ. Remember to order your copy of 5! order from Amazon.fr order from Amazon.com Original lyrics: Ca n’est qu’un […]

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Autograph session at FNAC (Saint-Lazare) on 29th of March

Finally we have a date… Alizée will have a autograph session for her new “5” album release at FNAC (Saint-Lazare) in Paris on 29th of March! The session scheduled to start at 17h (5pm) French time. The confirmation of the event came within the past hour or two. Now it is listed on the upcoming […]

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English translation of “10 ans”

Here’s a English translation of the song “10 ans” from the new album. Translated by RMJ. The lyrics are a bit sad, possibly based on Alizée‘s own life. Many details would suggest that, and Alizée has herself told that the album tells more about her life than any other album thus far. But then again, […]

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