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Second version of A cause de l’automne clip is now online

The second music video for the “A cause de l’automne” single is now officially online on Youtube. As per usual, Sony in their whole wisdom has limited it’s availability to France only, so there’s a great chance that you won’t be able to watch it.

Don’t worry though, we have of course links available for everyone to watch it, by streaming or by downloading it on your computer.

The video itself is James Bond 007 themed as Alizée suggested before filming it. Although, it wasn’t clear until yesterday when we got the teasers for the music video. The video greatly reminds of opening theme of James Bond, with (imagined) guns and (not so) naked girl(s). Even the very beginning of the clip gives you 007 vibes. In overal, the clip seems well done and is definitely huge improvement over her last album’s music video (“Les collines”). The theme itself is not actually so surprising as she have had similar themed song on her first album (“James Bond Girl”).

This video also officially starts (again) the promotion of “A cause de l’automne” and her upcoming fifth album. On Friday we should see the first interviews coming and even more during the weekend. The album itself is expected in the beginning of 2013 (February being the first possibility). The exact date will be informed later.

Anyways… here are the links to enjoy at full high definition (HD 1080p).

Streaming link (Chinese “youtube”, might be a bit slow but it works. Be patient. Permanent link):

Download link:

A cause de l'autmone - version 2

The original music video is still online and can be watched at:

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  1. Michael Qian says:

    Hi i’m chinese, and i think the “chinese youtube” link abouve is no longer working. Perhaps you can try this (but not in 1080P)