DAY 20

Alizée dancing in Lyon during Danse avec les stars Tour

20th of December already! Today Alizée is in Nantes, attending the opening of the second DALS tour, Danse avec les stars Tour 2014-2015. She will attend (if possible) all dates during the tour that continues in January after this opening show.

Last year, she also attended the tour after wining Danse avec les stars Season 4. During the Tour she was equally succesful, winning almost all of the shows (16 wins for Alizée, 4 wins for Brahim, 1 win for Lorie).

Today's video is from the first tour. From Lyon, to be specific. Unfortunately due to technical problems the video was cut short and the beginning of the performance is missing... I actually do have the beginning of the video also, recorded by another of my cameras, but it's significantly lower quality and has inferior sound quality. Perhaps someday I will have time to process it and show you the full performance.