DAY 20

Alizée at Les Enfoirés 2009 in Paris

Let's stay another little moment in Paris to celebrate the Bercy concert that just ended (if you happen to read this just after midnight).

Today's photo is from Les Enfoirés 2009. Personally, it brings good and bad memories... Good memories comes from the concerts, they were amazing as usual. Also this was the closest I (RMJ) had ever been to Alizée during a concert. She was literally right in front of me (or actually, right behind me since I had to turn around to see her), even closer when I had met her face to face before. :)

The bad memories... Well, I got robbed during the week and among my DSLR and laptop, hundreds of unseen Alizée photos and videos were lost forever. I had not had time to backup them yet (other than to the lost laptop) due to Les Enfoirés concerts taking all the time during the week. Thankfully couple hundreds photos and videos survived on memory cards in my pockets to tell the story...

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