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Red Carpet of Danse avec les stars on mytf1.fr

Alizée at Les Enfoirés 2008 in Starsbourg

Today at 7pm French time, will be aired directly Red Carpet of Danse avec les stars on mytf1.fr. This will be opening act for the upcoming Danse avec les stars show, which begins on 28th of September. On this show we should find out if the rumour of Alizée being on the 4th season is true, and who will be the dancing partner for Alizée. The show will go on roughly 9 weeks (Season 3 laster 9 episodes), one episode per week. Red Carpet will be show on Mytf1.fr but the actual show will be aired on TF1 at prime time.

With Alizée, the show will feature several other famous stars. Among them are: the young but already famous singer Tal, Damien Sargue, Keen’V and even Miss France 2013 Laury Thilleman. So far, only Tal’s partner has been revealed, he will be Yann-Alrick Mortreuil (a professional dancer).

If you happen to be today in Paris, you can see the cast arriving TF1 studios, more exactly Tour TF1 at 19h00. (closest Metro is Port de Saint-Cloud)

If not, then you are able to watch the direct show on mytf1.fr (French IP required, so prepare your proxies/VPNs while you can)

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  1. Vladimir says:

    Do you know if it is possible to watch the show in Switzerland? It seems that is is not available on the web site (because of geographical restrictions). We have the normal TF1 TV but it doesn’t have the show today at 7pm CET

  2. RMJ says:

    As far as I know, it’s restricted to French IPs only. Before, I have tried Belgian and Luxembourg IP but neither have worked.

    You can try of course. If it won’t work, the it won’t.

    We’ll put working links up as soon as possible after the show.