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[poll] What is your favorite dance from the Finals of Danse avec les stars?

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Wow, what a final we had! Alizée fighting till the very end, and finally able to win the trophy! Alizée is the winner of Danse avec les stars season 4! That’s really amazing!

What was even more amazing… 70.6% of our readers knew what position she would get! The second place was the second most popular gues with 26.5% of the votes.

This week, we would like to ask you what was your favorite Alizée performance during the finals? She danced four amazing dances, Cha-Cha-Cha in golden outfit that scored 68 points. Megamix with the two other couples. An absolutely amazing Rumba which scored the highest score this season, total of 79 points! And finally very sensual Freestyle with Contemporary dance against Brahim in the very last battle.

Which dance was your favorite in the finals?

En français: Qui danse est votre favori dans la finale?

En español: ¿Qué danza era su favorito en la final?

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  1. Chrisiana says:

    All of them