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One month to go… new samples from the studio!

Today, it’s exactly one months before the release of Alizée‘s new album “5”.

Sony released a new, longer, behind the scenes video of Alizée on the studio. On this video
we get to hear small sample of “Je veux bien”, which is composed by Fred Kendeille & Chloé Clerk, and lyrics by Cristian Vié. Also, the video includes another new sample of “Happy End”, composed by Franck Fossey, lyrics by Thomas Boulard who also wrote the French lyrics of “A cause de l’automne” (composed by Pete Russell).

Don’t forget to pre-order the CD! It’s already available on various stores all over the net. Here are links to Amazon:
Amazon.com (USA)
Amazon.fr (French)
Amazon.co.uk (Brittish)
Amazon.de (German)

If you don’t live any of those countries, choose the store you prefer yourself but you might want to compare the prices between them as it varies (also shipping costs varies from store to store).

You can watch the behind the scenes video here:
EDIT: The video is changed to “private” for some reason. It’s unsure when it will be available again. If it won’t, we will add another link to watch it…


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