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Music video available! (updated – 1080p Full HD without tags)

The music video of “A cause de l’automne” has finally surfaced. The first channel to release it is PS3 VidZone.

On the video, we can see scenes of Alizée inside the house, apparently at the morning of a party night (high heels and champagne glass on the floor). The video also features the beach that we told about earlier as well as the dance hall of Monique Mufraggi where Alizée is dancing with her friends. Also a small village near by Ajaccio is featured shortly.

Currently, the only existing video is rather bad quality but we will notify you as soon as better comes out!

There seems to be Full HD 1080p video available without any tags. Click the image below to watch! (currently the first is direct download but the second one is streaming video, altho a bit slow Chinese service)

Alizée - A cause de l'automne

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  1. pepon66 says:

    cool!!.. thanks, is it a re-encoding from the video posted on dailymotion?

  2. Neiron says:

    thanks!!! COOOOOL!!!

  3. Great RMJ !
    Merci beaucoup