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More information about the album and the single

A cause de l'automne

Yesterday Alizée’s staff sent an email about the recent rumours going around the upcoming album. It’s been discussed that the album might be released in either in January (which seems unlikely) or in March 2013. Also the newest rumours say that the album might not be released at all in physical format (only Collector’s Edition would be a physical support and everything else would be sold online).

Now, Sony wanted to put an end to the various rumours. They are saying that the album will be released on the first trimester (between January and May) of 2013. The album was delayed due to the finishing of the recording.

They also say that the “A cause de l’automne” single has not been sent to radios yet (which is a lie, since there are radio stations that have played it already! According to our sources, it was delivered to radio stations in the end of July / early August).

The “official” clip is once again delayed. Now, they are saying that it will be filmed in early November! (The last time it was said to be out in late October.)

Here is the original message from Sony and full English translation of it:

Dear everyone,

To put an end to the various rumours that are currently circulating on the net, be aware that Alizée’s album will come out in the first trimester of 2013. The album, initially expected in October, was delayed for finishing the recording, the precise date will be told very soon.

Because these new deadlines, the “A cause de l’automne” single has not been sent to the radios; this is why you cannot hear it on the radio waves!

The official clip will be filmed in early November,  so stay tuned because we will have more info coming soon.

To be continued…

Thank you again for your support and your patience.
The staff of Alizée

Chers tous,

Pour mettre fin aux diverses rumeurs circulant actuellement sur la toile sachez que l’album d’Alizée va bien sortir au premier trimestre 2013. L’album, initialement prévu en octobre, a été repoussé pour finir l’enregistrement, la date précise sera communiquée très prochainement.

En raison de ces nouveaux délais, le single
“A cause de l’automne” n’a pas encore été envoyé aux radios : c’est donc pour cela que vous ne l’entendez pas sur les ondes !

Le clip officiel sera tourné début novembre, restez à l’affût car nous vous donnerons plus d’infos très vite.
A suivre donc…

Merci encore de votre soutien et de votre patience.
L’équipe d’Alizée

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