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Mona FM competition

Just a reminder. Starting today, and lasting till the 2nd of April. Mona FM listeners will have the chance to win access to the Mona FM studios on April 3rd. Why does this matter? Well at 16:00 on April 3rd, Alizée will be attending a dedication event at Mona FM, and this is the perfect way to get you and a friend in on the occasion.

The competition on March 28th was held at 7:30, and 8:30. It appears to have benn won by two members of Alizee-France.com
March 29th was also held at 7:30, and 8:30. Once again, it was won by members of Alizee-France.com

It is also possible to sign up in the link below. Good luck to all participants.


Also a reminder. Tomorrow is the signing at the FRAC in paris. Signings start at 17:00. Details below.


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