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Miss Corsica (updated)

Tonday Pierre-Antoine left, at the least, very puzzling posts on Instagram… Puzzling because there is rumours about their actual relationship.

Edit: well, the puzzle got solved by the new photos sent late last night and this morning. 🙂 “Miss Extreme South” appears to be a real miss contestant who Pierre (and Alizée?) met. It is still unclear where this happened as there is very little info available.

Lancement de la tournée miss corse!!! Ce soir miss extrême sud go !!✌

The first photo has caption as : “Lancement de la tournée miss corse!!! Ce soir miss extrême sud go !!✌ “.

Which roughly translates (true translation is impossible due to Frenglish used in the sentence) into : “The beginning of the tour of “Miss Corsican!!! Tonight Miss> Exrtreme South goes/leaves(?) !!”.

As we know already, yesterday Pierre & Alizée were in Alta Rocca, a small micro region in south of Corsica. Are they still in the South and do they are plan to stay there for longer time?

The photo from Pierre can be seen on the right.

Qui sera l heureuse élue ?#missextreme sud

Not much later, Pierre uploaded another Instragram photo, stating : “Qui sera l heureuse élue ?#missextreme sud”.

Which roughly translates to : “Who will be the lucky lady? #Miss-Extreme-South”

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  1. I think you have misunderstood everything…

    • RMJ says:

      care to englight then ?
      Are you saying they are not in south of Corsica ?

      • RMJ says:

        okey, well the newest photos actually shows much more 🙂 well, they weren’t available back then 🙂

  2. ricky d'souza says:

    i don’t think so that there is something like love relationship between them , few months ago her name was engaged with matt pokora….so , just on the basis of photos you cannot say this

    • RMJ says:

      Yes, hard to tell what there is going on. However we do know that they are very good friends, no question about that.

      People are just wondering since she is living alone now, and almost certainly will end up to be with someone… someday…

  3. says:

    Hi !
    We are looking for pics and news about miss Corsica prelims pageants : can u help us, please ,

  4. ricky d'souza says:

    what , she is living alone…what about jeremy chatelian????she always try to maintain a distance between her professional and personal life…she rarely discuss about jeremy in any interview..even ithink last time when she was caught with jeremy was 2009…..wat jeremy is doing these days???do they divorced??wat abt. annily??

    • RMJ says:

      Jérémy still lives in Paris, Alizée lives with Annily in Ajaccio. It’s been so more than half a year already, since last fall (the new single “A cause de l’automne” is possibly talking about this. Read the translation here or some analyzing over here and here.

      She stopped using her wedding ring around last December. Never wore it again since then.

      So, it is assumed that they have separated.

      Unknown if they have actually divorced (it’s not even clear if they were even officiall married in France, or just in Vegas).