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Madamicella Canta


Finally, Alizée has started her own business !

Well, sort of… For now, it’s just a registered business name for her company but in future it might be more. Possible related to Pierre-Antoine’s Mademoiselle Pierantoine ? Who knows…

The name of the company is called “Madamicella canta” (“miss sings”) which is, of course, in Corsican language !

The company is based in Paris (not in Ajaccio where she lives at the moment).

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  1. Céline says:

    related to a dance studio… LOL
    this is a company deals with music and tv shows etc. check the page where the info was found…

    • RMJ says:

      Yes, it’s most likely general business name for her. She needed once since she paid herself out from the Chtelains’ business last year.

  2. Matevz says:

    Possibly a singing school?