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Les Enfoirés 2013 first ticket sale

Les Enfoirés

The date for the first ticket sale of upcoming Les Enfoirés 2013 concerts has been announced. The sale opens at 9am French time, on 27th of November. The announcement was made today on Les Enfoirés’ facebook page by the Les restos du coeur organization. The official website is still saying “end of November” for the sale.

On the first sale date, three quarters of all of the tickets are put on the sale and the remaining one quarter is sold at the end of January, just before the concerts. The tickets are sold out very fast, so be on time to get yours. The first concert will be on Wedsnesday 23rd of January, and the last one on Monday 28th of January. Total of seven concerts will be held during six days (on Sunday there will be two concerts).

It is still unknown if Alizée will take part in the concerts this time, as it will slightly overlap Alizée’s own album release schedule. She has taken part in the concerts every year since 2008, last time, in Lyon, in February 2012. She also has been there on the concerts of 2001 and 2002, after which she had a long pause before the concerts in Strasbourg in 2008.

You can see more information about Alizée’s appearance on the concerts on the official website of Les Enfoirés on a section called “Enfoiréthèque” which has full listing of the songs and other information sorted for each artist.

Les Enfoirés – Enfoiréthèque


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  1. LAZLO CSUZ says:

    Alizée You have the most creative and beautifull soul in the world.You make everyone so happy.Cant wait to listen to Your new album.I listen to You ,even when i fly ,(planes)-my coopilot shakes his hand in front of my eyes! Regards Lots of love:Lazlo