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Inked magazine with Alizée released today


The promised Inked magazine has been released today, one day late.

As promised, we can find Alizée on the cover of the magazine. On the cover she’s sitting on her bed, covered in blood with chainsaw on the floor.

The photoshoot was taken by Julien Lachaussée, who has become has become familiar from many recent photo shoots.

You can find all the scanned pages of the magazine plus couple other photos from here:

HQ scans of Inked magazine

We still don’t have the physical copy of the magazine, so you have to wait a bit more for the rest of the photos! The post is updated as soon as we get them.

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  1. Aylín Cano says:

    I really like the cover! i just seen Galak over there 😛

  2. I also like these photos! She’s amazing! :3