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HQ photos from Liz Magazine

Liz magazine

Here are some fixed high quality photos from the Liz Magazine (issue #4, March) which was released on 2nd of April, 2013. The magazine was released only in digital form. Unfortunately, no paper magazine will be released. Unfortunately few of the photos were missing part of the middle section, so I have fixed those issues now.

The magazine is free to download.

The photos do not tell a full story but they are just captures from different songs, the magazine is always quoting a line from the lyrics for each photo. The photoshoot took place on 26th of February, in famous Hôtel de Crillon at Place de la Concorde in Paris. To be precise, they used the “Duc de Crillon” (Duke of Crillon) suite, one of the most beautiful ones over there.

If you are interested to see little bit more of the “Duc de Crillion” suite, here’s short video of it. It might be your only chance to see the room in your life time! It’s not easy to book or access…

Here are the photos:

Liz Magazine - p01 Liz Magazine - p10
Liz Magazine - p14-p15
Liz Magazine - p16-p17
Liz Magazine - p18-p19
Liz Magazine - p20-p21
Liz Magazine - p22-p23
Liz Magazine - p24-p25
Liz Magazine - p26-p27
Liz Magazine - p08

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  1. Princess lili says:

    Hello rmj,,
    i dont have my box til now…..and its first time that i ordered a cd or box of alizee….so i dont know that alizee makes videos or not..i saw just 5,6 videos of her previous albums..because i live in pakistan and internet is not importan thing here….i see above photos so plzz tell me are they from videos of 5??????plz rply me……

  2. RMJ says:

    Hey. Well, hopefully you will receive your box soon, if not, then contact Sony. But it can take some time to be delivered.

    No, the photos above are not from video. They are only a photoshoot for the magazines.

  3. Princess lili says:

    Thank you….i send a message on ur facebook page….so plz check out the message nd do rply…