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Hier encore concert in Paris


Tonight Alizée will be in “Hier encore” concert at l’Olympia in Paris. She has confirmed to sing “A cause de l’automne” there but also some other song might be possible (especially a duet). We will see, and hopefully hear. EDIT: It seems Alizée has cancelled her plans. She left message on Twitter telling she won’t be on tonight. The “A cause de l’automne” was referred to the Fight AIDS concert in Monaco later.

The concert will be later broadcasted on TV. We will inform the exact date once it is known.

Otherwise, it’s been a bit silent few days in Alizée world again but it will change from now on. After tonight’s concert, we will have Alizée singing on Hebdo Musique Mag (where she had an interview last week) and soon after starts Les Enfoirés concerts, which will be followed with other concerts (such as Fight AIDS concert in Monaco and Alain Chamfort’s concert) and hopefully with many other events before the grand final at the end of February.

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