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Featured: Pete Russell – The composer of A cause de l’automne

By now, everyone should already know Pete Russell by his name. Well, at least every Alizée fan should know him! As we have told earlier, he got involved in the new album project of Alizée during the spring of 2012, and eventually a song composed by him was selected to be the first single from the new album!

Now you can read the full story at Alizée Art, just follow the link below!

Featured: Peter Russell – The Composer of “A cause de l’automne”

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  1. pepon66 says:

    thanks!!!, interesting and great work!!!

  2. Roman says:

    Thanks for the extra details and it’s nice that you put it all together on a page.

  3. regy says:

    any link to hear the original “never again”?

    • RMJ says:

      Nope. No link exist since the song was never recorded in studio.

      Only the lyrics are written, and the melody would be the same as in the French version.

      Sony owns the rights of the song (rights of the English lyrics), so, it depends on them if it ever will exist. It’s of course possible that they would release the original English version later but we will see.

      The best you can do is to request Sony to release the song on Alizée’s upcoming album.

  4. regy says:

    Its very weird because im sure that ive heard that music (only music) in an old greek song.
    I thought the music is from an old song.

    PS by the way Im Greek!

    • RMJ says:

      Well, it’s quite simple melody, so it isn’t surprising if it reminds of something else.