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English translation of JustMusic interview and a new TV spot

We have a new English translation for an interview and a new TV spot that was released yesterday for promoting Danse avec les stars. You can also find a plenty of screen captures from the new TV spot from our Facebook page.

Here’s the interview from justmusic.fr.

Translation by RMJ

JustMusic.fr: Last year, you were rumored for the show and finally this season you will participate it. Why now?

Alizée: I have been asked every year to participate it and finally it’s now that I felt ready for it and join the adventure.

JustMusic.fr: What do you think about your partner?

Alizée: He’s nice, isn’t he? (laughing) He has the rage and he wants to lead, so it suits me.

JustMusic.fr: And you, Grégoire, what do you think about Alizée?

Grégoire Lyonnet: I think that she’s born to dance, because even when she doesn’t know something, she works on it and soon she has control over it. Alizée feels comfortable and she loves dancing, she learns quick and it’s really nice to work with her.

JustMusic.fr: Have you asked advices from previous participants?

Alizée: I wanted to know how they felt about the experience rather than just asking advices. Emmanuel Moire told me that I will love it but I’ll have to go through hell. (laughing)

JustMusic.fr: Are you afraid of any dance?

Alizée: Even though all the dances are difficult and there’s no room for errors, I would say Quick Step because it’s very fast.

JustMusic.fr: What will the show bring for rest of your career?

Alizée: Everything depends on how far I will go and I hope that it’ll be as far as possible. I just wish that the audience discovers me and get to know who I really am.

JustMusic.fr: Since you will learn several dances, will you prepare a show with lots of choreographs for the future tour that your audience is looking forward to?

Alizée: I love to dance and sing and there maybe will be a moment for a dance. However, I would do it separately, as I prefer it that way.

JustMusic.fr: Who is the candidate that you fear the most?

Alizée: I’d say Brahim Zaibat because he’s a dancer, but he must also beware of someone who haven’t seen much but who will inevitably evolve. (smiling)

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