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December is here… time for some presents!

The december is (almost) here! It means, it’s time for our traditional Xmas advent calendar!

Last year the calendar was a big hit, and lets hope it will be this year also. For the xmas 2013, we have prepared plenty of Alizée presents to give away, all the way until the xmas eve. We hope you all will like them. 🙂

You can find version 2013 over her: Alizée Art – Xmas Advent Calendar 2013

We also hit 4000 likes on Facebook just two days ago, and just yesterday we hit 5500 +1s on Google+! So, this will be our gift to you for all those likes and plus ones, also.

You can take a peek on the calendar already, but of course the first door opens on first of December!

Alizée Art – Xmas Advent Calendar 2013

Alizée Art's Xmas advent calendar 2013

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