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Current availability of A cause de l’automne

The single has been released in many countries all around the world (thanks to digital format). After little research on iTunes I came up with a following list for the countries where it has been released.

Europe :
In most of the Europe, excluding only Croatia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Turkey & United Kingdom

Asia :
Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan & Vietnam

Northern America :
Canada & Mexico

Central & Southern America :
Most of the Latin America countries that shares the same iTunes store (Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama & Peru to name few), Brazil and Argentina being the only countries having their own iTunes store where the single is available.

Africa :

Most important countries that still haven’t released the single includes USA, Australia, China, Japan, Korea & New Zealand, and already mentioned Russia & United Kingdom (note that UK release will be on Amazon on 22nd of July).

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  1. buneo alizze desde que aparecites me facinastes me enamore de ti de tu musica y de tu baile sensual y por el resto de mi vida viviras en mi gracias por existir alizze