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About Chronology

This chronology is based on the work of many fans. The original Spanish version was created by Homer and which later was translated and continued by AlphaDevil in English, until early March 2010. RMJ has completed the missing events and dates for the early 2010, and everything after March 2010 till present day. Countless of other people have helped with corrections to dates, times and locations during the years, unfortunately it's impossible to name all of them. But they do deserve thanks also.

Another big change done by RMJ is converting the office document into real database. This offers in the future easy search function, sorting of events by different meanings, easy cross-referencing and countless of other amazing things that can be done dynamically. Eventually even video and photo database connection could be added, to complete the Alizée-experience.

If you notice inaccuracy or mistake in the chronology, or if you know and event that is missing, you can send an email to the address shown at the bottom of the page.

Early Years

1984 - 1988 - 1995


2000 - 2001 - 2002

Mes courants électriques

2003 - 2004

The Break

2005 - 2006


2007 - 2008

Une enfant du siècle

2009 - 2010

5 & DALS

2011 - 2012 - 2013


27th April 2005
At 23:00 hours a special is broadcasted on the channel MCM Top, on Alizée, “Top star Spécial Alizée” in which clips of her are shown.
28th April 2005
On the night of the 28th/29th April, Alizée gives birth to a baby girl.
10th May 2005
On the radio station Europe 2,the speaker Maurad telephones Jéremy and Alizée takes the call. This is the first time that we have heard from Alizée in nearly a year.
30th June 2005
A news article on “Tubissimmo” highlights the international success that Alizée has enjoyed, however the article presents no new information.
8th August 2005
The official pages go completely black without any messages explaining why. The forums take this as a dropped curtain before the announcement of Alizée reentry into the music scene.
9th August 2005
There is a slight change on the official page, it is still mainly black, but the email address e-mail@moi_alizee.com is also shown. Many fans have sent emails to this address, but they get an error message (in English). Homer has also sent one but he did not get an error message, but did neither did he receive an answer.