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About Chronology

This chronology is based on the work of many fans. The original Spanish version was created by Homer and which later was translated and continued by AlphaDevil in English, until early March 2010. RMJ has completed the missing events and dates for the early 2010, and everything after March 2010 till present day. Countless of other people have helped with corrections to dates, times and locations during the years, unfortunately it's impossible to name all of them. But they do deserve thanks also.

Another big change done by RMJ is converting the office document into real database. This offers in the future easy search function, sorting of events by different meanings, easy cross-referencing and countless of other amazing things that can be done dynamically. Eventually even video and photo database connection could be added, to complete the Alizée-experience.

If you notice inaccuracy or mistake in the chronology, or if you know and event that is missing, you can send an email to the address shown at the bottom of the page.

Early Years

1984 - 1988 - 1995


2000 - 2001 - 2002

Mes courants électriques

2003 - 2004

The Break

2005 - 2006


2007 - 2008

Une enfant du siècle

2009 - 2010

5 & DALS

2011 - 2012 - 2013


9th January 2002
Interviewed on “M6 Kid” on M6 channel at 13:35 hours. (Sources: un Brin d'Alizée, Journalizée No 17 & Journalizée No 19)
12 to 17th January 2002
Interview on the programme “Faut que ca saute’” on channel J. (Source Journalizée No 19) Hardly anyone knows of this interview so of course there is no video.
15th January 2002
An interview with Alizée appears on NRJ music awards website. Which Alizée was nominated for an award. (Source un brin d'Alizée)
18th January 2002
Interview on “Fanclub” however this doubtful and needs to be verified.
19th January 2002
The NRJ Music awards 2002 in Cannes. Anthony Kavanagh hosts the ceremony. (Source Journalizée No 19 & Nidalizée). Alizée Nominated for “Artiste Féminine Francophone” but Myléne Farmer wins the award. At one stage in the festival she gives one of the prizes with Marc Lavoine. For the media build up she appears with a black T shirt with the words “J’adore Dior”. Homer places this information in chronology as he is asked so many times about the origin of the photo. (Done the night before) There is an interview that was given for the occasion (interview NRJ)
23rd January 2002
interview on “exclusif”
27th January 2002
A small news article of Alizée is shown on “The Passengers” broadcasted on an English digital channel E4 at 23:00 hours.(Sources: un brin d'Alizée, Alizée Fanclub Forum, Journalizée No 20 & Tinkalizée) (for further comment see 11th Feb)
Beginning of February 2002
Alizée embarks for a week of promotions in England, appearing in Pop factory, Big Breakfast, The Saturday Show etc (Source Diary of Alizée)
2nd February 2002
Possible appearance on the Saturday Show in England on BBC 1 at 22:30 (Source Journalizée No 22)
3rd February 2002
Small news article of 5 minutes length on programme “Popworld” broadcasted on Channel 4 in England. (Source Un Brin d'Alizée, Journalizée No 20, Nidalizée & Tinkalizée )Journalizée No 22 also states that Alizée was “pop Factory” on BBC Wales at 18:10 hours. (for further commentary see 11th Feb.)
6th February 2002
Interviewed on “Top of the Pops” in England. (Souirce Tinkalizée) (for further commentary see the 11th February)
8th February 2002
Possible appearance on the programme “Pepsi Chart News” on channel 5. (Source Journalizée No 22) (for further commentary see 11th February)
11th February 2002
“Moi…Lolita” goes on sale in England. The video for the single however was censored, and considered too provocative. It could only be broadcasted after 21:00 hours. Even then the scene where the young man asking for 200 francs was cut (Source un Brin d'Alizée & Journalizée No 20). Around this date she also appears on “The Saturday show” on BBC 1 here she appears dressed in jeans and a brown printed T-shirt, exactly the same as her performance in Germany on October 29th 2001. Homer does not know if the programme “the passengers” is true as according to the English forum the only shows she performed on was the “The Saturday Show”, “Top of the Pops”and “Popworld” and do not mention “The Passengers” unlike some websites. The video of “The passengers” has now been circulating on the internet though.
18th February 2002
“Moi…Lolita” is release in Spain. It reaches the number 1 spot in the singles chart and stays in that position for three weeks. Although the website un brin d'Alizée says it was released on the 25th February but Homer thinks it was in fact the 18th. She also appears on “Ministars Club” on the RTL channel.
22nd February 2002
Alizée appears on “Les Enfoirés (Tous dans le même bâteau)” broadcasted on TF1 and she sang “Aimer", "Ces soirées là", "Ca va pas changer le monde" and "Comme un ouragan" y "Rêver". (Source: un Brin d'Alizée, Journalizée No 22 & Journalizée No 23)
23rd February 2002
A Programme filmed in Spain’s Cubierta De Legannés, where Alizée along with other performers performed in the famous bullring. But Homer does not know whether it took place. A news item on “Fan de”, although there is little here worthy of mention it does say how successful Alizée is in England and how she is part of an elite club of French singers to enjoy some success in England. (Source: un Brin d'Alizée). The CD and DVD are Les Enfoirés (2002) are also released (Journalizée No 24)
24th February 2002
Alizée first performance in Spain. She sings “Moi…Lolita” on “en Club Disney” at 11:00 hours on the Spanish network Tele 5. (Source Official site & Tinkalizée).
25th February 2002
In the early hours she appears on “Crónicas Marcianas” At 00:30 hours (on the night of the 24th/25th) on the Spanish network Tele 5. (Source Official site & Tinkalizée). The Album “Gourmandises” is released in England. (Source Un brin d'Alizée)
2nd March 2002
Alizée sings “Moi…Lolita” on “Música Sí” on channel TVE 1 at 11:00 hours (This is rebroadcasted on the 21st of July 2002).
3rd March 2002
Performance on “Deseperado club social” on Spanish channel Antena 3 at 12:00 hours. (Source Official site)
5th March 2002
Appearance in a celebration that was held at the Monaco Casino dressed in a black dress. Dressed in same/similar following day. (Source un brin d'Alizée) (possible conflict here with some websites stating the ceremony occurring on the 6th)
6th March 2002
She performed “Moi…Lolita” at the “World Music Awards 2002”. In addition she wins the award for Best French singer. A prize won on the based exclusively on number of record sales. (Source un brin d'Alizée, Journalizée No 26, Nidalizée & Tinkalizée).
7th March 2002
Today Alizée leaves for Germany. (Source Un brin d'Alizée) The M6 chain are celebrate their 15th birthday and because of this broadcast “Le Plus Grand Zaping” in which there is a news article on Laurent Boyer (presenter of “Graines De star”) and there is a review of artists that were on “Graines De stars” and are now famous. Due to this Alizée is given a mention. (Source Un brin D'Alizée)
9th March 2002
Today claimed there was interview with Alizée on “Exclusif” broadcasted on RTL but this is not safe and will have to be checked. “Moi…Lolita reached number in the charts in Spain. (Source Journalizée No 26)
10th March 2002
Alizée sings “L’Alizé” on “The Dome 21” (Source Journalizée No 26 which derived the date 9th of March from the Official site. Whilst Nidalizée has the 10th)
11th March 2002
The album “Gourmandises” is released in Spain (although the website Un Brin d’Alizée thinks this was the 18th March) and “L’Alizé” released in Germany.
20th March 2002
Appeared on the show “Spécial Garou” on TF1 and Alizée is interviewed by Flavie Flament. (Source Un brin d'Alizée) The date of 13th April that appears with some videos seems to be wrong. In Journalizée No 28 it states this occurred last Wednesday (the 20th). Although this could be dubious too as it comments on performances that occurred later on.
23rd March 2002
Appeared on “Bravo Supershow” on RTL at 16.00 hours, she sang L’Alizé. The Official site stated the performance was 13.00 hours, however this is just when the performance started. There are doubts whether this occurred today. However in Journalizée No 28 it shows that the 24th repeats its at 17:00 on RTL in Germany and 16:00 in France. Nidalizee and Tinkalizée also place the performance as today.
30th March 2002
Alizée’s Official site announces a performance by Alizée singing L’Alizé on Top of the Pops in Germany (RTL2) at 17:45 hours. However this still has to be verified because some say this was the 6th April.
31st March 2002
The Official site announces a performance on the dome (Germany) on RTL at 16.00 hours singing L’Alizé. It must have been an error by the site or a repeat of her 10th March 2002 performance. In any case it was previous to the “Bravo Supershow “ on 23rd March 2002 because Journalizée when discussing “Bravo Supershow” refers to the Dome performance.
5th April 2002
“Moi…Lolita” is released in Italy (source Un brin d'Alizée). For the promotion of the single in Italy there is a photo session that becomes very popular due to the prettiness of Alizée.
6th April 2002
Alizée sings “L’Alizé” on Top of the pops in Germany (source Nidalizée and Tinkalizée). (Although Homer raises doubts about the date)
20th April 2002
Performance on “Top of the Pops” in Italy. (Source: Nidalizée and Tinkalizée).
25th April 2002
Interviewed on Italian MTV, very amused. (Source Tinkalizée).
4th May 2002
Alizée sings “Moi…Lolita” on Top of the Pops in Italy. Homer believes that she sings live in this performance. It could be a repeat of her 20th April performance even though the television logo is different.
7th May 2002
“Moi…Lolita” reaches Number 1 in Italy. (Source un brin d'Alizée & Alizee Fanclub Deutschland)
11th May 2002
Report on “Fan De-Success a l’estranger”
31st May 2002
Performance by Alizée on “Costapop” was predicted to happen but Homer does not know whether it did.
June 2002
Interview on German channel 2DF. (Source Tinkalizée). July 2002 is discussed
4th June 2002
Sings “L’Alizé” on “Top of the Pops” in Germany (Some sites and even this chronology it is said to be a performance in Great Britain. However this is clearly wrong, Alizée at this time was clearly doing promotional work in Germany and Italy as can be seen, she was not doing promotional work in England.
26th June 2002
Alizée sings “Moi…Lolita” in the “Festivalbar” in Pistoia, Italy.. There are many videos where the date 25th June appears as can be seen in Tinkalizée. However Homer is inclined to believe it this date due to info at http://www.fracassi.net/alizee_festivalbar.htm (page seems to be offline). Here she wears the printed red dress that she often wars for “Moi…Lolita” performances.
2nd July 2002
She appears on “Stunde des Stars” on German ZDF singing “Moi…Lolita”. (Source Nidalizée & Tinkalizée)
6th July 2002
Performance on “Wetten dass” singing “Moi…Lolita”. There is doubt whether this was the 6th. Some videos mark the date as the 7th (For example Tinkalizée. Some sites even mark it down as the 5th but these are wrong. It is the 6th as confirmed by Alizée FanClub Deutschland and Nidalizée.
9th July 2002
Alizée appears for the second time on “Festivalbar”. This time it is in Taormina, Italy. (Source http://www.fracassi.net/alizee2_festivalbar.htm (page appears offline) For this performance she wears cattle tenders.
21st July 2002
Replay of performance on “Música sí” where she sang “Moi Lolita” (date of original transmission 2nd March even though Tinkalizée stats it as a different performance this is clearly wrong and is a repeat).
4th August 2002
On the official page Alizée has an interview in which she responds to some questions from Internet users.
23rd August 2002
First edition of “Actualizée” is released published on a quarterly basis.(roughly!) This is entirely devoted to Alizée. (Source un brin d'Alizée)
30th September 2002
After months of absence a new photo of Alizée appears in magazine “Voici” she appears alongside a strangers raising speculation of a relationship. However this stranger turns out to be Oliver her manager. The new photo gives an insight to her new look. (Source Un brin d'Alizée)
28th October 2002
“Voici” announce Alizée’s new disc (single predicted release 12th November and Album predicted release 25th November) faces delays due to a decision by Myléne Farmer so that it did not coincide with “star academy (The operation French Triumph)” to avoid an appearance by Alizée on the show and an interpretation of one of her songs. (Source Un brin d'Alizée)
30th October 2002
A special news article on “Lolitas” appeared on MCM channel at 14:30 hours, but there is no news on Alizée, but clips of “Moi…Lolita” and “L’Alizé” are used to illustrate the Lolita phenomenon. (Source Un brin d'Alizée)
December 2002
Alizée has a holiday on the Seychelles in order to rest and prepare for the next year, which is expected to be hectic. From this holiday there has been spectacular pictures taken of her in bikinis. Although they seem to have been taken (or robbed as homer puts it) on the 22nd December.
8th December 2002
2nd issue of “Actualizée” is released. (Source un Brin d'Alizée )
22nd December 2002
The name of Alizée next single is now known to be “J’en ai marre”. (Source un Brin d'Alizée)