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About Chronology

This chronology is based on the work of many fans. The original Spanish version was created by Homer and which later was translated and continued by AlphaDevil in English, until early March 2010. RMJ has completed the missing events and dates for the early 2010, and everything after March 2010 till present day. Countless of other people have helped with corrections to dates, times and locations during the years, unfortunately it's impossible to name all of them. But they do deserve thanks also.

Another big change done by RMJ is converting the office document into real database. This offers in the future easy search function, sorting of events by different meanings, easy cross-referencing and countless of other amazing things that can be done dynamically. Eventually even video and photo database connection could be added, to complete the Alizée-experience.

If you notice inaccuracy or mistake in the chronology, or if you know and event that is missing, you can send an email to the address shown at the bottom of the page.

Early Years

1984 - 1988 - 1995


2000 - 2001 - 2002

Mes courants électriques

2003 - 2004

The Break

2005 - 2006


2007 - 2008

Une enfant du siècle

2009 - 2010

5 & DALS

2011 - 2012 - 2013


Alizée auditions for “Graines de star”. First in Corsica (in the césar palace) and then in Paris interpreting the song “waiting for tonight”. Although for several reasons the precise date of this is not clear for example it appears in some videos that it is actually 19th December 1999. Whilst when Graines de Star was broadcasted, a fragment of the video appears with the label: Audition January 2000.
25th February 2000
Alizée on “Graines de Star” performs “Ma Prière” which was originally sung by Axelle Red. In which Alizée comes first (source Nidalizée) However another source states it is the 26th of January (gourmand'alizée).
Spring 2000
L. Boutonnant and P. Soloman do the photo session that will be the official promotional photo’s for Moi…Lolita.
14th April 2000
She returns again on “Graines de Star”, performing once again “Ma Prière” and this time Alizée also sings “Oh Happy Days” alongside three others; Marie and Sydney aged 13 and Claire 16. Claire won, whilst Alizée 15 at the time came second. (source Nidalizée). Claimed on another site it was 27th of February (gourmand'alizée). There is some doubt about the exact dates of “Graines De Star” performances by Alizée due to schedule changes on the show. Some videos show Alizée performances as dated in 1999, however Homer feels the above dates are correct.
21st May 2000
Moi… Lolita begins to be aired on the radio
4th July 2000
Moi… Lolita single is released (source Nidalizée)
26th July 2000
The video of the song Moi…Lolita was released for the first time exclusively on the M6 network (source actualizée not to be confused with the magazine of the same name) (Some websites claim that the actual date is the 28th July 2000)
6th September 2000
Recorded appearance on Hit Machine that will be shown on the 16th.
8th September 2000
A news article and interview with Alizée in Ajaccio is broadcasted on the program “Le Grand Soir” with Jean-Pierre Foucault. Alizée’s conduct throughout is mysterious, a trait that has continued until the present. She also performs Moi…Lolita and this is the first time since “Graines De Star” that she has appeared on TV. (Sources un brin d'Alizée , Nidalizée& tinkalizée)
16th September 2000
She appeared on “Hit Machine” on channel M6. On this occasion she appears dressed much more simplistic than she did in “Le Grand Soir.” (Source Nidalizée & tinkalizée) She demonstrates the great fluent dancer that she is. In the evening of the same day at 18:15 hours she appears on studio 22 on RTL channel. In the interview Alizée gave, she stated that she is the one who chooses the subjects of her songs, and that the songs are about her life experiences. It is then Mylène Farmer who interprets these experiences and turns them into songs. It is for this reason that “Goumandises” is an autobiographical album. There is no video of this interview, nor is there much information about the interview, but it is commentated on Alizée Web in the news section and the section regarding television appearances. In addition there are photos of it and an audio recording.
23rd September 2000
Appeared on “Fan De” on channel M6 at 12:05 hours. (Source tinkalizée) This is the famous interview with Alizée on the boat. There is some confusion over the date of this video because there are several dates. There is the 23rd of September and there is February 2001 (or June of the same year but these are no more then repetitions (Source tinkalizée)). However there are several reasons why the correct date must be September 2000. Firstly her hairstyle is short in the video and matches the style she had in September. Secondly the logos of the programs are different. In the September transmission, the logo is an orange star in the bottom left of the screen with “Fan de” on it. In the 2001 version underneath “fan de”, the words “best of” appears and this is a definite sign that it is just a repeat of the original interview.
29th September 2000
Appeared on “Graines De Stars” on channel M6 at 20:50 hours (Source nidalizée & tinkalizée)
30th September 2000
Appeared on “Dansez Maintenent” on France 2 (source nidalizée & tinkalizée). On the same day, an interview in “Megamix club” is broadcasted on the Belgium channel RTL (Source tinkalizée). There are many megamix appearances, however this one promotes Moi…Lolita, whereas the others (27th December 2000 and 1st of January and 23rd of May 2001) promote L’Alizé.
4th October 2000
500,000 copies of Alizée debut single “Moi…Lolita” are sold in France, and it has occupied a high position in the singles charts for the three months since its release.
7th October 2000
Alizée appears on “Tapis Rouge” on channel France 2 at 20:50 hours. (Source nidalizée & tinkalizée)
15th October 2000
It is known that Alizée debut album will be called “Gourmandises”, although the release date of it is not known. Similar circumstances to what happened with her second album “Mes courants électriques”. As well as what is currently happening with her 3rd Album.
22nd October 2000
Appeared on “Vivement Dimanche” at 13:35 hours. (Source nidalizée, Alizée Web & tinkalizée)
23rd October 2000
Alizée second single “L’Alizé” is played for the first time on the radio.
28th October 2000
Single, “Moi…Lolita” reaches a million sales. Appears on “Hit Machine”. (Source tinkalizée)
6th November 2000
Alizée appears on the front cover of French magazine “Tele star”. An interview with her is also published in the magazine. The interview raises the possibility of a concert but that will not happen until 26th August 2003.
7th November 2000
“Moi…Lolita” single is released in Turkey, Holland, and Germany
17th November 2000
Alizée receives her first big award as the “révélation Française de l’annee” (French revelation of the year) at the M6 awards. A tearful and very emotional Alizée gives a speech full of gratitude bathed in tears. Very touching (source Journalizée Nidalizée, and tinkalizée).
20th November 2000
a mini news article about Alizée is shown on the programme “Célébritiés” on channel TF1 at 22:40 hours (Source tinkalizée).This was commentated on Alizée Web.
24th November 2000
A photo session by Phillipe Bouley for the promotion of L’Alizé. These photos are very known on the Internet and will be used in many magazines during the following months and even years.
28th November 2000
Alizée debut album, “Gourmandises” is released. Coinciding with the release of the album is the release of her second single “L’Alizé”.
2nd December 2000
Alizée appears on “Hit machine” on the M6 channel, performing L’Alizé. (Source nidalizée & tinkalizée). This was reshown on 7th July 2001.
3rd December 2000
Alizée performs on “Taipis Rouge” on channel France2 at 13:35 hours. It is also said that she appeared on “Vivement Demanche” performing L’Alizé. (Source nidalizée & tinkalizée).
6th December 2000
According to the website Actualizée (not to be confused with the magazine of the same name), the video for L’Alizé, was shown for the first time. It was shown on “morning Live” on the M6 network at 07.00 hours
9th December 2000
Alizée Performs on “telethon” on channel France2 and sings “L’Alizé”. (Source Nidalizée & tinkalizée).
12th December 2000
The Maxi CD and the Vinyl version of “L’Alizé” are released.
16th December 2000
Performance of “L’Alizé” on “Les Petite Princes on TF1 at 20:50 hours. Where she receives the nomination for “Petit prince de la milleure chanteuse (best female singer). (Source Journalizée, nidalizée, Nidalizée and tinkalizée).
24th December 2000
Alizée first two singles are in the top three of the singles chart. “L’Alizé” occupies the number one spot, whilst “Moi…Lolita” is number three. This occurs for three weeks and has never happened in French music.
25th December 2000
Alizée sings “L’Alizé” on “Les Anges d’un Soir (or petite Anges de Nöel”) on Channel France2 at 23:05 hours. Alizée receives a trophy, the Trophée Des Anges presented to her by the child shown in the relevant picture on Homers website. (Source Un Brin d'Alizée, Journalizée, nidalizée, Nidalizée and tinkalizée).
26th December 2000
News article about Alizée on “Stars de L’an 2000”. (Source tinkalizée)
27th December 2000
Appearance on the “Megamix Club” on channel RTL. (Source tinkalizée) There are two more dates where she appears on this programme, 1st of January 2001 and 23rd May 2001 and it is still necessary to confirm whether these are new appearance or repeats of her 27th December appearance.
28th December 2000
Alizée sings “L’Alizé” on “Le Grand Hit” on M6 channel. (Source nidalizée & tinkalizée).