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Archive for the ‘Alizée Art’ Category

Chronology added !

Something new and exciting for the site, the Chronology of Alizée has been added! What is it? Well, as the name suggest, it is list of most of the important events in Alizée’s (professional) life, the history of Alizée. No-one can remember every little detail what she have done during all these years, so it’s […]

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New calendars

After a “short” pause, there is a new calendar available ! From now on there will be again monthly calendars and you can expect to see yearly calendar to be released near by the end of the year, possibly one for even for the year 2012. These have been requested a lot so lets fill […]

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The new web design is up and running !

After awhile, it’s time to change the design again. Although, this time it involves much, much bigger changes than before. I have basically redone everything under-the-hood. This will also allow interesting new features, commenting, news feeds and what not. Well, actually the design still needs lots of work, there is some parts that are not […]

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